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Wow… What a great month!  Finishing up strong and making strong gains.

This month’s challenges of 1) Do something athletic 6 days out of the week and 2) a subgoal of climbing at least 2500 vertical feet are completed.  For the sub goal of climbing 2500 ft. I did 3 sessions of 40 stairs at 20 vertical feet per stair climb.  That with all the additional stairs I do in a month, I climbed the needed 2500 ft.  The stairs were run at the Collingswood High School.  There were some amazing sunsets the last two days which almost make me sad to have to end the month… I may be going back. The stair days were the most challenging days of the challenge.  2 out of the 3 days, my friend Matt came with me and we would do abs, upper and lower body while the other guy would run stairs.  Great workouts. See the pictures of the stairs and sunsets below.

For the main challenge I have closed out the last two weeks strong.  I have done something everyday the last 9 out of 10 days including a make up day yesterday.  Yesterday I did the Tough Mudder workout (http://toughmudder.com/training-prep/) in the morning and then ran 40 stairs in the evening after work.  Great day.

Most days for the main challenge I was able to either get in a run, jump rope session, tough mudder workout, stair climbs, or general interval style workouts.  A more exciting day was on Sunday, when my girlfriend, Jess, and I went for a hike in Fairmount park’s Wissahickon Valley outside Philadelphia, PA.  It was a great hike. 5 miles at a quick pace.  We took a break at the bridge and river you see in the pictures.

I’m still deciding on what next month’s challenge will be. It will probably be something physical because I am still training for my events as well as for an Alaska skiing trip that I planned.  I’ll let you know.  Till next time… anyone up to a good challenge for themselves?

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Yes. I already know. I’m one week late on this post.   Do with me what you wish. Whip me, slap me, shoot me, berate me…

I have no excuse, just been busy.

This week’s report is pretty simple… The challenge is going well.  Out of the last 2 weeks I have done something athletic 11 out of the 14 days.I missed 2 days this week so one will need to be made up.  Getting the make up day in doesn’t bother me, I know I can find the time.

As for my sub/secondary challenge of the month, to climb 2500 vertical ft.,  it is going well. I did about 800 vertical this past week.  I did 40 flights of stairs that equaled 20 ft. in elevation gain each.  That was a tough night.

Justin jumping rope

Cool down jump rope after 45min interval session with snow.

All in all, I will say that this challenge came at just the right time. I had hardly realized that most of the winter had slipped by and that I have some serious physical events coming up in April and March that I need to train for.   At this point, I have about 60 days, or 2 months, to get ready for the Medford police departments annual adventure race: 5k to 2 mile canoe to 10 mile mountain bike singletrack ride to a second 5k.   Right after that is, “the challenge” which Tony Jones and I created.  It consists of a 4 mile canoe ride, 20 mile mountain bike ride, and 15 mile hike with a 25lb backpack over two days.

Most of the winter has been spent just keeping my body in maintenance mode/strength training phase.  It is time to up the amount of miles I am running as well the amount of miles I’m biking.  Along with the extra exercise I need to watch what I’m eating to drop some weight. I could stand to lose about 15 lbs.

With all this training, an issue comes up because I haven’t full healed all of my injuries from last season. The plantar fasciitis in my foot is acting up again, my shoulder is still injured from over training with crossfit, and now my ankle is hurting me!  What is happening to me? Ha!

There is an important lesson in all of this. It is important to give your body time to heal as well as to monitor your condition to ensure you are actually making progress towards your health goals. Many people train just to train and don’t actually measure their progress.

The week ahead should be fun.  I’m going to get 2 850 vertical ft. stair days in to get the subgoal for the month complete.  Regardless though, you just have to take time to enjoy each workout. Each one is a great gift. Imagine not being able to go for a run or get a workout in…. I couldn’t imagine….

Till next week.

Any good challenges out there?


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So, the second month ended with no lapses… I’m quite proud of myself….    I almost broke down a few times but it never really was that difficult.  As I said before, some of the most difficult parts were when I was out to eat with others… It is hard to find a vegetarian option everywhere you go…..

I’m proud that I was able to accomplish it.

The best part of the month was definitely the times when I would get the oddest looks from people when I would have to announce that I was vegetarian.  Some people could just not believe.  Some of the better comments I got were: 1)”wait, you’re a vegetarian?” 2) “it just doesn’t fit you” and the best of all 3) “what else is there besides meat?”… The last one is definitely my favorite…. Silly people.


Ok, so here we are on the dawn of another month and a new challenge. I been mulling this one over for a bit and have decided to do….. (drum roll please!)   At least 1 athletic activity everyday of the month besides Sundays. Sundays are to be considered a make up day/rest day.

As a sub goal for the month I am going to put a 2,500 ft vertical climbing challenge out.  I have to climb 2,500 vertical feet within the month to finish the challenge. Since there is not a lot of vertical change in the South Jersey area, I think I will be running alot of stairs…  which I secretly despise and love at the same time…


Till next week…I’ll have some pictures for everyone!

Tell me some of your challenges? Does anyone have one for March for me?




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