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The Genesis

With out a doubt, this blog has been due for awhile.  It was official the other day when I felt like I had a major epiphany.  I came up with what I thought the blog should be about….. something that has been bothering me for awhile. Ultimately I just have to shout it out!  The idea behind this blog is what I have been experiencing for the last few years: A challenge.

In many ways, we are all challenged but the point of this blog is to challenge you and me to push ourselves.  Push yourself to what? Push yourself for what?   The second question should be easier to answer than the first.  In a way, what I want to propose should not be a challenge.  Simply put I want to challenge myself and you to experience life.  To go after that project that you have been thinking about or plan that major vacation or other endeavor that I know you have been thinking about for years.

I put it upon you. Will this day be another wasted bout with the bottle or the TV or will you sit down and, in the words of Seth Godin, “do the work when you don’t want to?”

My plan is to present a challenge to myself and others in this blog and chart how I will get there. The format and time line of each of these challenges will vary at this point.  In the end I plan to talk about my progress and how I am persevering.

Here’s to new challenges and bigger and better things than the status quo.  Dream BIG!



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